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About Anka Browser -Video Download, Private & Fast

Anka Browser 👏 Fast, secure and private! It is the best free web browser for Android devices, with fast video download and powerful Ad Blocker, incognito browsing and data saving functions. It is also a full-featured dedicated browser downloader and fast video downloader. But this is only 4MB!

(!!! Unable to download on YouTube due to Google policy !!!)

🌻Main functions

⭐Quick browse and download: Automatically sniff online video sites, fast browser
⭐Incognito Browser: Private browsing page in private browser
⭐Multi-Tab Manager: Easily browse multiple websites in different tabs at the same time
夜间 Night mode: protect eyes when browsing the Internet in Internet Explorer browser
广告 Advertising block: Stop annoying ads and pop-ups, save time and increase loading speed.
⭐Smart Video Downloader and Video Player: Automatically detect videos on any website for you to download with one click. Optimized video player for the best viewing experience.

About Anka Browser

🕶️ Super Downloader
Anka Browser can automatically detect downloadable videos through the smart detection function as you browse the web, which allows you to download and save online videos from almost every website. The Anka browser with a download icon on the website will notify users if there are online videos that users can download. Downloading videos using the Smart Download feature is easy. (!!! Unable to download on YouTube due to Google policy !!!)

安全 Safe Browser
In a secure browser, if you select "Incognito Browser Mode", you can browse pages in private without leaving any traces. If you navigate to a dangerous site or download a dangerous file, a warning is displayed. Such a private browser / incognito browser and a secure browser application!

专用 Multi-tab browser
In a private browser application, you can easily switch multiple sites in different tabs at the same time, this is an efficient private browser downloader application.

🔖Bookmarks / History
Bookmarks help save your favorite websites and provide quick navigation for later access. The history list helps memorize. Both can save you the time of finding your favorite website.

快捷 Fast Website
Provides a variety of popular websites for you to browse. Also, in the Internet Explorer web browser application, you can put your favorite websites (like Facebook, YouTube, etc.) on the homepage for quick access.

其他 Other functions
In the private browser downloader app, you can also change the background of the private browser to a different style. Toggle "Night Mode" to protect your eyes and apply different themes to make the private browser look engaging. In addition, the adblock function acts as an adguard or ad blocker to ensure your browsing is smooth.

★ Built-in video player
The built-in video player provides a one-stop service from video download to video playback. You can watch the video directly without exiting the application.

★ search engine
Switch search engines to your liking. We support Google, Yahoo, Ask, Yandex, AOL, DuckDuckGo and Bing.

★ No image mode
No image mode disables image and video loading to save data when the network connection is poor.

★ Switch to PC website
Supports cross-device browsing, that is, browsing from a mobile device to a PC browser mode.

★ On the page / translation
Find in search finds what you need on a website page and supports translation.

🥰Overall, Anka Browser is a powerful Internet Explorer web browser application, a private browser downloader or video downloader application for you to browse. Don't miss to download such a smart browser or a dedicated browser downloader application. Install a high-performance dedicated browser downloader application now! 😎






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